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Wedding Officiant / Minister Creating and Performing Personalized Wedding Ceremonies Throughout SE Pennsylvania since 2000

Weddings by Paul

About Me

I became an ordained minister in 2000.

I published a book of poetry in 2004.
(I was the Student Writer of the Year in the Philadelphia school system in 1988)
By becoming a wedding officiant, I feel as though I "married" my two best talents -- speaking and writing.

Through the years I have performed upwards of 750 wedding ceremonies all of sizes, from backyard decks with two people to full-blown ceremonies with nearly 400 guests, and everything in-between. 

You'll find me intelligent, erudite, affable, and completely interested in achieving one goal: The creation and performance of YOUR special ceremony. YOURS. Not mine. YOURS.
And it will never be performed again.

How It All Started
wedding, minister, officiant, reverend
reverend, officiant, minister, wedding



I am also the National Vice President for a charity called, "Wish Upon a Wedding." I have served on the Board of Directors for four years.
In my role on the Board, it's my responsibility and my honor to locate couples who are suffering from serious (even terminal) illness, or a life-altering health circumstance, and provide for them the wedding or vow renewal of their dreams... at no cost to them.

Doing this is a great honor and brings so much joy to the world... to the couples whom we help, and the amazing  wedding and event professionals who volunteer their time, energy, expertise, love, and products/services for these couples. You have to see it to believe it.
Follow Wish Upon a Wedding on Facebook ( and on Instagram ( to see the pictures and videos, and read the stories, of these magnificent events and people. 

Please consider donating to the cause, so we can keep granting Wishes well into the future!
Please visit our website and donate directly here:


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